NF Makers Mark

by Nancy Janeliunas

What do the letters NF mean on my jewelry? This is a frequently asked question as there is a huge amount of jewelry with this mark starting from the 1980s. When you see NF stamped on your jewelry it does not mean Nickel Free or Nickel Filled as posted by everyone who is giving out this information as you scroll through the search results. Since sterling silver jewelry does not contain nickel in its alloy there would be no reason to have to identify it as nickel free. The NF mark is not a reference to the alloy contents as it is the registered trademark for the importer. In addition there may be a THAI or THAILAND stamp for the items manufactured in Thailand.

Registration Number 1754499 NF

Date of the registration 23.02.1993

Date of the termination of the registration of the mark (Cancelled) 26.02.2016

Date of filing of the application 27.12.1990

(Owner) CHAPAL-ZENRAY, INC. Corporation TEXAS, 1451 Wycliff, Dallas TX 75207.

(Registrant) CHAPAL-ZENRAY, INC. Corporation TEXAS, 1451 Wycliff, Dallas TX 75207

The reason why such a large quantity of jewelry is seen marked NF is because Chapal-Zenray is a mass merchandiser in business since the 1980’s. . “Chapal, Inc. was established in 1980 and is known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of precious metal and gem stone jewelry in the world. Chapal is a strategic partner with many of the mass merchandisers in the U.S. Our services include product design and development, production, inventory management and distribution.”



Thank you so much for your research !!
Sterling silver can have nickel in it. This is found in many cheaper sterlings, where the remaining 7.5% can be iron or nickel, instead of copper like it's supposed to be.
Thank you for your research!
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